Red Anyone? The Art of Color & Business

As you know, the month of October is, Breast Cancer Awareness month. During this month many companies show their support by representing the color pink. Have you ever wondered how color and the meanings behind it affect your business? Is there really something to be said about the psychology of color? Color greatly influences human emotion and behavior. Understanding color meanings in business is essential when you are establishing a business profile. Some say that for content marketing, color is a cue. It is a cue that gets your audience to see what you want them to see, feel what you want them to feel, and do what you want them to do. Therefore choosing poor color choices can cause your great content and amazing call to action to be ignored. This month R81Wraps custom wrapped various mods for the company Chaparral Motorsports. As most of you are aware, R81Wraps takes pride in the work we do and we get excited each time we create something new. On one of the mods in particular we thought the red color wave wrapped on it was awesome! Colors are part of everything we do at R81wraps, and after completing this one, all we could think of was the color RED. What does red mean in business? In color psychology red can represent energy, passion, action, strength & excitement. Color psychology affects our lives in so many ways, yet we often don’t realize the impact of our color choices when it comes to our marketing and advertising, or just the random color choices we make for things that are part of our business overall. There’s a reason why red sports cars cost more to insure. When humans see the color red, their reactions become faster and more forceful. Red also represents masculine energy, whereas its softer version, pink, is associated with feminine energy. Which is probably the reason pink is used to represent Breast Cancer Awareness month. Red is said to be stimulating to the appetite and therefore a great color to use for products associated with food and its service, including restaurants and take-away businesses. Some statistics show that 85% of shoppers place color as a primary reason for why they buy a particular product. Sometimes companies undervalue how important the psychology of color is when it comes to branding. They will assume that if the color looks good, then that’s all they really need to worry about. Yet we forget how most consumers will judge products or services based on the colors that are used. This brings us back to the color red. Red is probably still one of the best marketing colors you can use to attract more attention. It is said to not only be a warm and positive color, but also a very physical color that calls for action to be taken. With that being said, R81wraps was excited to have been able to complete another custom vehicle wrap in San Bernardino with a red color wave that’s sure to draw attention to Chaparral Motorsports Polaris RZR. When you take the time to think about how color can have an effect on your business especially when it comes to advertising. You will see what a difference it makes.Share: