Spring Clean Your Business!

“Whatever decision you make, always be adding value to your business”

February has finally come to an end and spring is quickly approaching. Around this time of year, many of us begin gearing up to clean around the house, but have you ever considered using this same concept on your business? At R81Wraps, we follow this principle because we strive to maintain a high level of quality and consistency for our customers. If you have never considered this, here are a few tips that may also help you “spring clean” your business.

1. Clear Out The Clutter

Start by removing activities that are no longer suit your business goals. If certain products or services have outlived market demand, it may be time to toss them in the can. It’s not always easy, but it’s a necessity if you want to focus your attenton on the following quarters. A good rule of thumb is — whatever decision you make, always be adding value to your business.

Are there things among your employees or business partners that need to be dealt with before large growth can occur? Maybe there are issues in your team’s workflow that need to be addressed. What about goals that aren’t being met on a regular basis? One of the very best ways you can “start fresh” is by improving team coordinaton and cooperation. Always make sure that every player on your team is on the same page. In the future, this will help your company maintain a solid foundation so your business can keep moving forward with consistency.

2. Evaluate Your System

Maybe by now you’re well on your way to a tough cleaning and your “system” desperately needs updating. Or perhaps a few minor tweaks to that system could greatly improve your team’s overall performance. Whatever the case, never underestimate sound advice from an outside professional. Hiring a good consultant or deploying a new software solution could be the answer for greatly improving production. In the business world, it’s not uncommon to have an outside professional help you identify and remove organizational clutter.

3. Sharpen Your Tools

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

Abraham Lincoln

During spring, lots of people rummage through their garage to see if their tools are in shape to get work done for the rest of the year. They usually end up finding certain tools need to be “resharpening” somehow. Spring may be a good time for you to invest in your employees to sharpen their skills, or learn new ones so they can help you improve business during the rest of the year.

4. Dust Off Your Mission Statement

Evaluate your vision of what you want the company to be, compare your company’s overall strategic goals with where you are today. Especially given that the markets may change from time to time. It’s important for a company to maintain consistency while continuing to keep up with constant change or growing trends.

Now that we have given you a few tips, I’m sure that there are many things you can think of to “spring clean your business”. We hope that you found this information useful, or at least gets your business moving in the right direction. We at R81Wraps are proud to spring clean our business so we can continue to be a business of people with a passion for the quality of services we produce.

Thanks for reading, and “Happy Spring Cleaning”!

– Team R81