Maintain Your Car Wrap Through The Holidays

Well there’s less than two weeks left until Christmas and many of us are scrambling to get those last minute gifts before we head out to spend time with family and friends. So many things to buy, and so many presents to wrap. In the midst of wrapping presents the thought might have crossed your mind about how you are going to maintain your vehicle wrap through the holidays and weather changes. Especially if you live in an area, or may be driving to an area where you may encounter the white Christmas snow this year. So here at R81wraps.com we wanted to make sure your vehicle is ready for such changes with a few simple tips: ·         If your vehicle encounters the snow make sure you do not use an ice scraper or snow shovel to remove snow from vinyl on the body of the vehicle or the windows. Use a snow broom, soft cloth or the window defroster. ·         Driving through road salt? Keep in mind that vinyl resists road salt but over time if it is left on it can be extremely corrosive to both vinyl and paint finishes. Be sure to remove it as soon and often as needed using hand washing or a brushless carwashes. ·         Also, if you use a car wash that removes the salt from the undercarriage of the vehicle, it will also deter rust from developing from the harsh road salt. Vinyl will not adhere to rust so it is important to keep your vehicle rust free. R81wraps.com hopes these quick tips help to ease your mind while you continue to wrap gifts and enjoy the holidays!Share: