The World of Building Wraps [2/4] – “Dressed for Success!” 

Welcome back to our multi-part blog post series focused on the exciting trend of Wall Wraps.  Last month we learned about what exactly a wall or building wrap is. This month it’s all about the benefits of wall wraps. There are many benefits for using building wraps as a form of advertisement. The ads being so larger than life make it almost impossible for consumers not to notice them, whether they are interested in the product or brand being advertised or not. Also you can’t turn a wall wrap off like you can a television or internet ad that people only see when they are interested in watching a specific show or finding specific information. A wall wrap will be seen when people are on-the-go out and about while running their errands throughout the day.  Due to the enormous size, shape and location options they are impossible to ignore which ultimately helps tremendously with increasing your brand awareness. In this way, it may also entice consumers or remind them of some shopping they needed to get done and then purchase the product being advertised as well as force them to focus on the marketing campaign being promoted. Often companies may be unaware of the many advantages of wall wraps. Some of the advantages include: Cost Overall, it’s a great investment! Yes building wraps can be rather expensive depending on the size. However, they are well worth it when you take into consideration the response they get and revenue they bring in for that one time investment in comparison to forced continuous monetary investments if advertising in magazines, coupons or billboards. Billboard and all other types of advertisement are a monthly cost, wrapping your building or automobile is a onetime expense that keeps working for years. Reach and Frequency Wall wraps are a great source of advertising when it comes to reach and frequency. Since normally the wrap is up for long periods at a time and visible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, It allows the advertisement to achieve a very high reach within the first few days of it just being installed. Everyday lots of different people will walk and drive by maximizing the exposure in a consistent and effortless manner. The continuous advertising is an advantage in itself because this type of scheduling allows for your wrap and product to be seen and engraved in such a manner that it makes it almost impossible to forget and ignore. Responsiveness By wrapping your building you create location memory. When a customer sees your building wrap it creates a lasting impression and when the time comes that your product or service is needed you will be at the top of their mind. This is what advertisers want, brand awareness with consumers who may not otherwise be aware that the brand even exists. Cosmetics It’s also not always just about advertising. Wall wraps can also help disguise vacant properties and keep an area looking bright and vibrant, rather than appearing empty like a construction site or an empty where house. A giant wall wrap offers excellent protection and marketing during shop renovations, concealing unsightly building work and enhancing the surrounding area while keeping it looking clean and tidy. Wall wraps can be used to mimic the original façade and showcase what the property behind will look like once renovations are complete. Printed one-to-one façades can be particularly important for historic buildings which may require longer term repair work and brand awareness. Lastly, building wraps can help reduce the heat and glare coming into your building. In fact, many of the building wraps sometimes start out as a customer wanting to tint their windows and discovering that they can get a twice the benefit of an advertising message for around the same cost. At the end of the day, if you are not advertising on your store front you are missing out! You already have the space, you might as well use it for broadcasting your message. With wall wraps you can stand out from those surrounding and with no doubt get noticed. Stay tuned for post #3next month of our series. And remember that R81wraps.com is excited about this new trend and we want you to know that when you wrap with us, our team will help you choose the best material available to suit your needs. Have questions? Please Give us a call at 909-384-7061 and one of our associates will gladly help.Share: