The World of Building Wraps [3/4] – “Go Big or Go Home!”

Welcome back to our multi-part blog series focused on the exciting new marketing trend: wall wraps.

In our last article, “Dressed for Success!”, we learned about the benefits of including a wall wrap in your high impact, high value advertising budget. So this month, we wanted to talk to you about the variety of wall wraps and how they are produced. Hopefully by now we’ve covered how wraps are one of the hottest growing, most effective marketing strategies to hit the world of advertising, and that’s just the tip of the surface. Wraps can be applied to almost anything; including service desks, dance floors, basketball floors, stair risers, pillars, brick walls, concrete block walls, hotel lobbies and even airplanes.

Recipe For A Wrap

Wrap material consists of adhesive-backed, high quality vinyl. The material is printed with custom advertising graphics and laminated with a clear film that provides protection from the elements such as the sun’s harmful UV rays and various air / water contaminants. After the material is activated using a special heating process, it can be applied almost to any surface like a giant sticker or decal. For windows that need to maintain visibility, a slightly different material called “perforated window film” is used. Perforated window film (or “window perf” for short) contains small holes in the material which allow for safe visibility on vehicles. On a building wrap, perforated film is used on windows to allow people to see through an outdoor advertisement from the inside of the building. For buildings, the printed material is mounted onto the building using metal supports or adhesive materials to keep it in place. There are varying levels of quality in materials and installation methods for use in the overall process along with the associated costs reflecting the durability factor of a wall wrap display.

High Exposure, Low Investment

Other than wrapping a building or wall for advertisement there are lots of uses for wall wraps. Reception areas can create a great first impression for your customers. A stylish design on any waiting room can give patience to your patients. Wall art vinyl can be tailored to fit any space and shape and looks amazing in board rooms, hotel lobbies and corridors. Wall wraps have been successfully used in bars, restaurants, airports, schools and universities to attract attention and create a truly unique experience. You can literally transform almost any indoor or outdoor surface into a brilliant marketing solution. The installation process is much cleaner than wallpaper or hand-painted wall murals, providing minimal disruption to your business. Whether you’re a large corporation or a small business looking for more affordable advertising options, you should strongly consider a wrap as your ultimate solution. An effective building wrap can generate millions of impressions per year for your business. Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for the last part of our series.